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We want to walk our talk. Our target is to be a one stop shop for all eCommerce solutions both products and services. We only onboard verified and tested vendors

We Specialize in...


Find quality Service Providers around you.

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Business Finder

Find the best businesses in town around you.

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Food Ordering and Restaurant Booking

Order food from any restaurant within and outside your location .

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Real Estate

Rent or Buy a house, office or land.

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Medical Tourism

Find A Doctor

Find quality a doctor or a health worker to book an appointment with around you.

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Buy you drugs from pharmacies near you and get it delivered to you.

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Food Market/Groceries

Buy from supermarket around you. Also buy fresh food items online.

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Sell or buy anything Online. We provide aution services on this platform.

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Multivendor Ecommerce

Multi-vendor eCommerce platform for electronic, furniture, auto part, building material, e.t.c.

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kolumn magazine


We deliver a ready made fashion platform and a made-to-measure platform where you meet the tailors.

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Multi-School Management System

A school management system that lets you run you manage student records, online classes and allow parent sign-on.

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Learning Management System

Platform for career development and and upgrading current skill. Post a tutorial on the platform for a token from your students.

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Drop Shipping

Compare prices across major eCommerce sites across the world like eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Flipkart e.t.c. Make smarter decision when buying online.

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Buy from your favourite supermarket online.

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