Measurement Guide

For custom made-to-measure clothes, it is very important to take measurement accurately. Accurate measurement is the key to perfect fit. Our measurement guide is going to make it simple for you. The order of taking measurement given here is designed for an easy & comfortable sequence.


Tips for measuring  yourself:


  • You know yourself the best. It’s important for you to give us the correct and exact measurement.


  • Wear minimum possible but well-fitting clothes and no shoes.


  • Take measurement your own or ask someone else to measure you as well. Take measurement twice in case of any confusion.


  • Take the measurement in a comfortable order and record them in a systematic way.


  • Dotted half circles in the picture indicate that measurement is taken around that particular body part.


What do you need:


  • A fabric measuring tape.(we prefer all your measurement in inches)


  • Pen & paper to note down the measurements.


How to take the measurement:


  • Stand in front of the mirror. Be calm & relax your arm. Make sure your posture will be straight and a-lined. Keep the measuring tape be straight and firm while measuring. It should not hang down or stretch.


  • Always place your index finger and middle finger beneath the tape next to the body while taking around measurement.


  • All measurement should be made to the nearest 0.5  inches.


  • Make sure that you are following all the above-mentioned points.