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Sell 24/7 across Indore city
Thousands of users and many sellers across Indore
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4 Simple steps to start selling online

Step 1- Register your business & start listing product online.

    Register your business with us for free at the very first. You just need to complete our registration process with some mandatory information. On the basis of information, vendors are bifurcated into categories like Fabric, uniform, Accessories, Online boutique etc. We will further guide you on how to run an online business.Once registration has done, you are ready to list your product online at MobileDarzi.

Step 2- Get orders & sell across Indore:-

    Once the listing has done, your products will be showcased on our website and will be available for sale to the user. Once your product will be chosen or selected by the customer, you will receive the sell orders. You will get orders through your Seller panel & also at your e-mail.

Step 3- Pack the goods and handover to us:-

    Once you receive the orders, you have to do nothing but just prepare your product and pack it. Our courier boy will reach at your doorstep and pick your product and will deliver to the customer’s doorstep. You need not to worry about fetching and delivery.

Step 4-Earn easily and grow your business fast:-

    Once your orders are fulfilled, your payment will be directly deposited into your account. This is one of the easiest methods to sell and earn.

Start Selling With MobileDarzi



  • Ansvel is a product of Absolute Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Any Vendor can get registered with Absolute Innovations Pvt. Ltd. For a certain period of time, registration will be free*.

  • After six months of registration with Absolute Innovations Pvt. Ltd., all the associated Vendor's will have to pay an annual membership subscription* to continue their membership with Ansvel or else they can themselves terminate their membership by contacting Ansvel team to terminate their account with Ansvel.

  • Vendors will be charged when they get an order. This will be some % of the total cost.

  • Once the vendor is done with registration with Absolute Innovations Pvt. Ltd., he has to check his e-mails on daily basis to receive & check e-mails regarding orders from Ansvel. It is mandatory for all registered Vendors.

  • When vendor completes his registration with Absolute Innovations Pvt. Ltd., he will be approved by admin and can use his Ansvel vendor account to list his products one at a time or excel based inventory files to list his products in bulk. He will be able to sell his products when admin approves his listed product.

  • Vendor himself has to upload product images with 600*900 image dimensions. Images should be optimized in KB. Resolution of the image should be 72 dpi and images should be in .jpeg format.

  • Vendors can view their orders and manage them through "All Orders" section inside Ansvel vendor panel. Vendors have to manage their inventory according to the stock of their product available on Ansvel. They have to timely refill the inventory.

  • Vendors will be charged when they get an order. This will be some % of the total cost.

  • Every product listed by the vendor must carry proper description of the product. So, that customer can easily check the details of the product when buying.

  • Before dispatching any order, the vendor must check the order properly. If vendor dispatch order without checking it properly, then he will be liable for the respective loss.

  • Vendors will be paid for their completed orders outstandings, every 15 days either by  cheque or will be credited to their account via online payment.

  • After taking any order, if vendor rejects or manipulates the order, then he himself will be responsible for termination of his registration with Absolute Innovations Pvt. Ltd. and will be liable for the respective loss.